polar bandcap bandana

Do you know our Bandcap Bandanas? If yes, you will certainly  know how much we care to maintain an high quality of the product.

So we developped a new version of the classic Bandana model, the Polar model!


Our Polar fabric is perfect for the winter, much warmer and softer, to face cold temperatures without any problem.

Our Polar fabric is made from recycled polyester and is soft to touch in and out.

It is possible to print on both sides, both external and internal.

Our sublimation inks allow you to have a high print quality, but always caring health and environment.

Customizable article starting from its size, our standard models are:

    22×26 cm | 22×30 cm | 22×6 cm

We also respect the environment with our PACKAGING, which is absolutely biodegradable and compostable.

This is also customizable by inserting a personalized leaflet exactly as you want!

ecologic biodegradable packaging rpet

Some printing examples

If you have no idea how to place your logo 

we give you some examples to help you developing your idea. 

Remember that we are always at your full disposal to help you, do not hesitate to write to us!


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