Microfiber fabric

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Experts for years in microfiber customization.

Microfiber fabrics have a textile composition which is lighter and more thin than silk or cotton textiles. Nastrotecnica is skilled about it.

Fascinated by this fabric, we decided to invest time and energy by creating different product lines that we still offer to all our interested customers today.

Among our proposals are:

– Microfiber beach towels
– Microfiber gym towels
– Microfibre Shopping Bags
– Microfiber cleaning cloths
– Microfiber back-packs

From these ones, we created other articles that can be found on our MICROFIBER category.

Our strength lies in the fact that all these products are customizable, both by printing and size.


microfibra mccarry nastrotecnica magicloth recycled textile

Do you have an event to advertise through gadgets?

We can customize the product you prefer starting from a few pieces!

For more information contact us and explain your need, we will be very glad to help you!

If you don’t find on our website a product you have in mind, always ask for information, we could create it according to your needs.

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