nastrotecnica masques masks textile

Personalized and washable masks

Nastrotecnica engages in a context of need to update his Product catalogue, proposing this new product, always maintaining an high standard quality, infact our masks are  MADE IN ITALY and REACH certificated.

Nastrotecnica’s masks are realized with a breathable polyester fabric. The fabric is washable up to 20 times, so all our models can be used a lot of times.

They are available  in two different sizes, the regular and the small model, dedicated to children.

The personalization does not stop to the printing, but it proposes the choice of different models and accessories, respecting your needs.

Here below we show the  three models and their available accessories.

All the models can be ordered with a minimum order quantity of 100 pcs.

Classic Mask

The Classi Mask completely covers the face up to the chin, up to the nose.

It is sewed with two side elastics to be worn on the ears.

Pence Mask

The Pence Mask offers a complete face protection, thanks to its flap opening.

It is sewed with soft elastic bands to be worn on the ears.


Tubular Mask

The Tubular Mask does not present sewings or elastic bands. This product is composed by a unique polyester fabric, cut to size, perfectly breathable and comfortable to use.


nastrotecnica knotting masks

Knotted laces

If you want to wear the mask by tying it behing your head, this is the right accessory for you.

black elastic mask nastrotecnica

Black elastics

The elastic bands are available also in black colour, not only in white.

adjustable mask nastrotecnica

Adjustable laces.

The perfect accessory to adapt the mask to any face.

Download the PDF file to get the technical sheet with all details.

Download mask’s REACH certification.

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